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Nude Noir is bourgeois elegance, where fantasy and reality collide to entertain and heighten the senses. The atmosphere is playful, seductive yet filled with an air of mystique.

Nude Noir is about the seeds of pleasure and seduction, excitement with tension, indulgence with boundaries, desire with awareness: Its eroticism at its core.

Nude Noir is not, nor will it ever be, a sex party.

about us

Nude Noir is hosted in refined and decadent venues around the world. Each event is stylised around a narrative that brings to life a different Noir fantasy. It is a night of moments, sequences and sensations, all designed to gently thrill the guests with visual splendour, drama and where all are encouraged to become part of the performance.

While being a multi-sensory experience, designed to seduce and intrigue it remains there. Nude Noir is not about the sexual act but rather everything around it. It's about being present and feeling connected, uplifted and empowered.

True empowerment is about being able to feel, to know, to see clearly, to be aware... awakening the senses. To be alert. In that you will find freedom, which Nude Noir is all about. A moment of freedom...

Everyone carries a shadow.Let us show you yours.

The philosophy of:
Madame Noir

The Shadow – that part of ourselves that, due to societal conditioning, we hide from ourselves and those around us. Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. Yet to penetrate the darkness we must summon all the powers of enlightenment that consciousness can offer. The Shadow is a part of every human being. It is an conjunction of our natural energy being stopped and restricted in different ways for various reasons while growing up as well as our responses to outside desires and volition of the society around us, including those closest to us in our upbringing.

That which was not allowed to be expressed in the light does not go anywhere but in the depth of our bodies, hearts and mind. It awaits for the moment to come to light, unite back with the Self and lead us into Wholeness.

The Erotic Shadow is any sexual impulse at all; for some it is related to specific states, for others the shadow pertains to specific kinks and fetishes. Most of us have been brought up to hide at least a part of our sexual impulses. This hiding allows us to fit into society, but we are denying a part of ourselves by doing so. There may be ‘negative’, und pleasant emotions around our erotic shadows. Feelings such as shame, guilt, or self-loathing can be very present when a part of the Self has been suppressed. It takes an act of courageous self-love to decide to take a deep breath, look inward, and examine what lies in the shadows within.

Erotic shadow is the field in which Nude Noir operates; energy not to be consumed but to become aware of and accepted.

Exploring the Shadow is akin to lighting a candle, and exploring the myriad of caves within our unconscious minds. Nude Noir holds a mirror and a gateway to your own erotic fantasies.

How do we do that?

By staging shows inspired by imagination -recreating erotic scenes & fantasies, creating the right atmosphere with the choice of music, choice of the venue, scents, fashion, lighting, performers- whole (ecosystem) environment that stimulates the Eros - the basic life force, arising from the pelvic area, moving through the belly centre and potentially connecting with our hearts.

Through the music, our bodies and hearts get stimulated so that the Eros-Self can emerge and flow freely in the space between guests and performers. It's about the stimulation of the most potent energy in the universe with the intention is to get to know it and to contain it  not to empty it or consume it.

Our intention is for Eros-Self to run freely, so we open it self to the joy of life while witnessing others doing the same. Our intention is for Eros to thrive and fulfil us – to be connected through stimulation with the nectar of life and not just emptying as soon as one is physically/genitally aroused. One can be turned on by someone or something in many different ways.

Eros is ultimately the desire for wholeness. Although it may initially take the form of passionate love it is more truly a desire for "psychic relatedness". A desire for interconnection and interaction with other sentient beings.

Second intention of the Nude Noir experience is bringing us back into the now, the moment and into our body where life only exist and can be felt. Only through being in the body we can actually feel – and then we can feel what we truly long for. Once we are in the body the real contact with other person is possible. Real connection or real contact is something that we long the most.

Nude Noir opens the door to taboo, gives voice to forgotten parts of us which are waiting to be loved and accepted.

- Britt Sanja, Madame Noir

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