all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.

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Nude Noir is:

Nude Noir is bourgeois elegance, where fantasy and reality collide to entertain and heighten the senses. The atmosphere is playful, seductive yet filled with an air of mystique.

Nude Noir is hosted in refined and decadent venues around the world. Each event is stylised around a narrative that brings to life a different Noir fantasy.

Nude Noir is about the seeds of pleasure and seduction, excitement with tension, indulgence with boundaries, desire with awareness: Its eroticism at its core.

Eroticism from Eros (n.) god of love, late 14c., from eran, eramai, erasthai "love, to desire".

Nude Noir is not:

Nude Noir is not about the sexual act but rather everything around it. It is a night of moments, sequences and sensations, all designed to gently thrill the guests with visual splendour, drama and where all are encouraged to become part of the performance.

It's all about being present and feeling connected, uplifted and empowered.  

True empowerment is about being able to feel... to know... to see clearly... to be aware... awakening the senses...

In that you will find freedom, which Nude Noir is all about.
A moment of freedom...


How can I join your events?

First you need to apply for membership which you can do here.

Can I attend a party without being a member?

We screen all profiles attending to the party and therefor we reach out to all ticket holders prior to the events. By securing a ticket you secure a spot and availability at the event which tend to sell out fast. Upon screening we will be in personal contact with you with further instruction

Is Nude Noir a play party?

No, there is no sexual intercource during our events by performers nor do we facilitate this among our guest. Please read more about our ethos here

How can I buy a ticket?

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What is the ticket price?

Each event has its own price and conditions. We sometimes offer free tickets for certain applications to accommodate diversity and inclusiveness among our guest lists. Ticket prices may be in the range of $35-$1000 depending on table service etc.

What is the Dress-code?

Dress code: Black Tie, Masks, Corsets, Avant Garde, Noir, Latex, Silk, Lace. Inspiration

What to expect during the evening?

Incredible venue, DJ beats (deep sexy house) , immersive seductive shows, stage shows, beautiful fashion & costumes.....

Where is the location?

The locations are always secret and only city name is disclosed. The exact address will be given 24 hour prior to the event

Can I take photos during the event?

No, the events are meant to be an escape, so be in the moment and forget about selfies for the during of the night. Our photographer will capture the essence of the night and these images will be available upon access request.

If I can’t use a camera phone, can I still bring my phone in with me?

We understand a lot of you need your phones with you and therefor we do not forbid phones but strongly advice against having them out in the open.


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There's a very old but good Asian proverb that says,
"It is better to see something once then to hear about it a thousands times." Nude Noir is an art and experience that has to be seen, felt and surrendered to.

The Bite Mag

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An 'immersive theatre' show in London which looks like something out of the hit Hollywood film Eyes Wide Shut lets its guests explore their dark erotic BDSM fantasies.

“I think people will want to reconnect with what I call a healthy relationship to eros. A feeling of curiosity, aliveness, exploration – the happenstance, the chance encounter” - Esther Perel

- The Guardian

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The latest 50 Shades film has already had a drubbing from critics, but for those disappointed by the movie there's a much more glamorous option on offer than trudging to the local multiplex.

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Nude Noir
feel It as intended
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