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”Salacious and seductive, dark and inventive, Nude Noir is no casual night out affair”.
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There's a very old but good Asian proverb that says,
"It is better to see something once then to hear about it a thousands times." Nude Noir is an art and experience that has to be seen, felt and surrendered to.

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"Seducated- that is how I felt upon leaving the venue. Seduced”

-London guest

"Words fail to describe the excitement at my fingertips and lips at the beauty and elegance of the event ... I am now one of those anticipating your next soiree, where wine tastes more refined and the ballroom pulsates to some secret sensual rhythm, where language cannot keep up with the scenarios unfolding in front of your eyes. You have created something that many are missing, many are afraid to obtain.”

- London member

“Both my girlfriend and I, we would like to let you know, that we had a wonderful evening at the party! The guests, the shows, the organisation - all of it showed your great care in preparing the evening! It filled us with a lot of positive energy! We hope to attend a next event as soon as possible!"

- Berlin guests

Letters to
Madame Noir

My dearest Madame Noir,

Every word of this letter is filled with sheer anticipation of the wonders to be seen this New Year's Eve. The over-used quote that when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, makes me sure that man hasn't seen Noir. My humble request is to immerse myself in the heavy perfume, black lace and temptation that Nude Noir has to offer ... just like the most glamorous kiss could be made more sensual with a tender bite ... it would be a privilege for me to share that fantasy.

Truly Yours

Dearest Madame Noir,

I wish to thank for the beautiful letter you sent me, and as well apologise for being quite late in my reply. The outfit for the glamorous night on Valentine's Day has been chosen and I eagerly anticipate whatever awaits.

I sense that this event will attract an even more alluring crowd than the last, and some new faces as well. I imagine you have witnessed many amazed looks of those who arrive in your world for the first time. I cannot wait to drink in this sight as well!

Once again, thank you for breathing sensuality into the London air and stirring up the scene more than a bit. I wish you the most gratifying and pleasurable days leading up to February 14th.

Warmest wishes

Dear Madam Noir,

My name is N. and I am writing to request your kind permission to be granted an invitation to the next Nude Noir party. My boyfriend and I had the pleasure of visiting one of your parties at the Gore Hotel, arranged by our friend S. ... Our group of friends had a table in the room next to the DJ, and had the most amazing experience. We immensely enjoyed the ambiance, the music and the sophisticated crowd.

I hold memberships at Mortons, The Arts, and Beat and would be very grateful to receive invitations for your future parties as it was an amazing experience, way above the usual London party scene.

Yours sincerely,

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